The draw for the Tony Poole Triples to be played at Old Shrewsbury on Sunday 18th August is as follows:

10.00 a.m.

Chris Jones, Ian Smith and Christie Hughes v Dan Wornell, Graeme Wornell and Dave Hanson

Clair Barker, Nicki and Tony Hotchkiss v Dayle Turner, Carl Bowers and Sam Downes

Dave Oliver, Neil Harris and Lee Walmsley v Susie Lawson, Molly Harris and Ed Proudlove

Alex Evans, Stuart Rhodes and Mark Owen v. Jenna Marshall, Tony Parsons and Chris Wilson

11.15 a.m.

Charlotte Butler, Richard Addison and Lee Barker v Darren Powis

Steve Downes, Steve Ashton and Steve Price v Elaine Jones, Kerry and Steve Dance

Kath Dennison, Richard and Jackie Proudlove v Andy Selley, Harry and Nigel Ryder

Steve Duckett, Daryl Edwards and Rhys Marshall v Nigel Ferrington, Neil Jones and Dave Morgan