The League’s Annual Meeting was held at Bagley Bowling Club on Thursday 24th January 2019.

Proposals to change promotion and relegation from three teams to two teams and change the format of Shropshire Division 3 to ten a side were both agreed. It was also agreed that any player from a club in the Shrewsbury Divisions that does not have a team in the Shropshire Divisions can play for another club in the Shropshire Divisions.

A change to the format of the Tanner and Champagne Cup was also agreed. The Tanner Cup will be open to all teams in the Shropshire Divisions but the Champagne Cup will only be contested by teams from Shropshire Divisions 2 and 3.

Potentially there are three new clubs in the Shropshire Divisions, Criftins, Castlefields B and Preston Brockhurst, which would take the total to 39 teams although there is some doubt on some teams continuing.

Shrewsbury Divisions see new teams from Worthen & Brockton and Castlefields/Prince Hotel and this takes the total to 47.

In view of the uncertaintities on teams it was agreed that the Management Committee would decide the final pecking orders at their meeting on 28th February and the fixtures would then be released at the beginning of March.