Clubs are reminded that it is their responsibility to notify me of the following two things:

1) New players registrations

2) Postponement of matches

1) Our League rules state that:

No player shall be eligible to play until he/she is a registered member of the league…If any team fields an ineligible player or players in a match the ineligible player or players score shall be deemed to be 21-0 to the opposition in determining the match result. “

Listing a player as unlisted when uploading a result to the MB results system means that that player has not been registered before the game, therefore making them ineligible. This rule will be enforced more strictly in the future.

It is also important that players who are registered already have or are in the process of applying for a registration number from the BCGBA.

2) Also, if a game is postponed I must be informed. If I am not informed, the result will not be set to ‘postponed’ online and therefore could result in a late result fine being issued. Our league rules state the following:

The rearranged date must be within 28 days of the canceled fixture. Where a game is not played within 28 days of the scheduled fixture, both teams will be fined £25. The game shall be played at a date and venue agreed by the management committee.”

I thought it best to remind clubs of these two things, though I appreciate most clubs already adhere to them.

Kind regards,

Anthony Price