The Terry and June Sambrook Doubles takes place on Sunday 30th July at the Prince of Wales Hotel BC in Bynner Street, Belle Vue. Shrewsbury for a first prize of £200. Since the draw was made Andy Price and Ian Marshall have changed their respective partners and the revised draw, with timings, is shown below:

10.00 am Tony Sherratt and Richard Leah v. Emily and Tony Cunningham
10.00 am Chris Jones and Paul Marshall owe 4 v. Phil Whatmough and Mick Pritchard
10.00 am Anthony Gray and Anthony Price v. Neil Ashton and John Dorsett
10.00 am Darren Powis and Will Tyler owe 2 v. Martin Middleton and Molly Sullivan owe 2
10.45 am Tracy Ryan and Conrad Clapham owe 4 v. Andy Price and Chris Luther
10.45 am Graeme Wornell  Hayden Lewis owe 2 v. Nigel Ferrington and Stuart Dorsett owe 2
10.45 am Dan Williams and Jon Mansell v. Andy Walker and Neil Ashley owe 4
10.45 am Dan and Carl Jones v. Geoff Davies and Julie Pearce owe 4
11.30 am Jon and Lucy Lyttle v. Neil Lewis and Chris Wilson owe 4
11.30 am Mike Hughes and Keith Wall owe 2 v. Carl Preece and Dave Hanson
11.30 am Jenna Marshall  Tony Parsons owe 4 v. Eric and James Mansell
11.30 am Neil Jones and Tony Williams v. Julian Turner and Ben Hampson
12.15 am Scott Moseley and Nat Connor v. Daryl Edwards and Steve Duckett
12.15 am Simon Damm and Derek Hill v. Sam O’nions and Dan Wornell
12.15 am Harry Ryder and Ian Marshall owe 2 v. Perry Evans and Steve Jennings
12.15 am Rich Jones and Andy Jones owe 2 v. Christie Hughes and Clair Barker owe 4