Postponing matches

A reminder to all clubs regarding the postponement of games. Rule K in our League rule book states:

“Unless a re-arrangement is mutually agreed by the two teams concerned, all matches to be played on the dates arrange by the executive committee and can only be postponed due to adverse weather conditions…Players’ holidays cannot be used as an excuse for postponing or re-arranging a match. If a match is not played within a 21-day period, each club will be fined £25.”

This clearly outlines the responsibility of clubs to try and fulfil fixtures on the original match night. I would also add that any clubs with ‘B’ teams should ideally not be asking for an A team cancellation. As the rule states, if both captains are not in agreement then the game should be played on the original fixture night. Clubs who are asked for re-arrangement are under no obligation to agree to a cancellation for reasons other than weather.

Unlisted players

May I also remind clubs that any players MUST be registered prior to their first games as opposed to using the unlisted player option on the MB results website. As secretary, I need to be made aware of new registrations as our league rule D states that: “No player shall be eligible to play until he/she is a registered member of the league.”

Please pass this message onto the relevant people at your clubs.


Anthony Price

Tanners Claret Shropshire Bowling League