DIV  1

Crescent A 9(193)  POWBC 3(145)

A solid performance at home from the league leaders, Mark Rogers with their best card, 21 – 4.  Tony Cunningham was best for the Humpers, 21 – 11.

Telepost A 8(184)  Meole Brace A 4(162)

The Posties would have hoped for more from this match in their pursuit of the title, Shaun Bould doing his best at the start, 21 – 3.  Derek Jones was in good form for the Bracers, 21 – 9.

OSBC B 6(177)  Prince Hotel A 6(177)

This match could not have been closer after the Old Shrews had taken a 4 – 0 lead, John Harris with their best result, 21 – 9.  The Hotel came back with four in the middle to set up a tight finish in which Tom Stanhope had their best card, also 21 – 9, to force the draw.

Pontesbury B 10(193)  Bicton A 2(141)

A big win for the Nags B side, Kevin Jones with the best of three single-figure cards, 21 – 3.  Martin Codd was Bicton’s best with an impressive 21 – 5 card.

Castlefields B 6(161)  Pontesbury A 6(166)

The Nags A team came away from this match with the aggregate points despite having only four winners, Anthony Gray the best of these, 21 – 5.  Kevin  Walker was the best Fielder, 21 – 9.

Hanwood A 10(203)  Battlefield A 2(149)

With four winners at the start Hanwood were always in control of this match, Darren Phillips with their best card, 21 – 5. Dave Beer’s 21 – 17 was the best of the Red Lion outfit’s two winners.


DIV  2

Oxon Village 11(205)  Dorrington 1(128)

This comprehensive home victory keeps the Village side on course for the title, Colin Jones with the best of four single-figure cards, 21 – 2.  Trevor Parry saved the brush for the A49ers, 21 – 16.

Albert Rd. BC 11(206)  Frankwell 1(132)

A big win for the Albert to keep them challenging for top spot, Sam Hill best for them, 21 – 8.  Saving the Corporation blushes was Chris Knight, 21 – 17.

Bayston Hill A 8(195)  St. Julians 4(154)

A good four points for the Friars to keep them in the promotion stakes but they would have been hoping for more from this match.  Three 21 – 9 scores shared the sweep for the Hillbillies, John Davies, John Hall and Mike Statham while Mark Parry was best for the Friars, 21 – 15.

Prince Hotel B 10(196)  Oxon 2(137)

The Hotel’s B side are coming up on the rails in the battle for promotion and this big home win keeps them on track, Neil Lewis with their best card, 21 – 3.  For an already doomed Oxon, who were a player short, Paul Thomas won well, 21 – 11.

Meole Brace V 10(204)  Unison 2(149)

A big home win for the Bracers Village side who had John  Crundell in good form 21 – 5.  Pete Oliver was best for the Admin boys and girls, 21 – 17.

Battlefield B 6(183)  Greenfield Social A 6(181)

The Social side played the green very well and won all but one of the close games in this very tight match.  The Red Lion Bees did well to scrape the aggregate points by just two chalks at the end.  Best for them Lynne Jennings, 21 – 11 and for the Social John Watkins, also 21 – 11.

Division 3

Corbet Arms  11  (203)   Meole Brace  B  1  (164)

Meole’s winner came at the end as Barry Lowe won 21-14, a lot of the other games were close but all went to the Corbet who had Paul Caswell 21-11.

POWBC  B  10  (195)  Monkmoor  2  (159)

The Humpers led 8-0 and had John Evans and Geoff Tipton sharing the coppers 21-9. The Monks points were Colin Hayes 21-11 and Ricky Cooke 21-16.

Bicton  B  10  (191)  POWBC  A  2  (157)

Another big home win but all the away players got double figures, Karen Bennett was Bicton’s best with 21-12 while the visitors had George Dourish 21-7 and Joe Hotchkiss 21-16.

Ele + Castle  7  (175)  Crescent  B  5  (158)

A good effort by Crescent with the games shared. Mike Greaves and Alan Hotchkiss the best visitors 21-9, while the Ele had Richard Leah 21-8 and Derek Shingler 21-4.

Castlefields  C  4  (161)  Bagley  A  8  (177)

A good win for Bagley who had Colin Clayton 21-3 backed up by Andy Sutherland 21-10, while Steve Duckett was top Fielder 21-9.


Division 4

Severnside 8  (162)  W + B  4  (158)

A good match with Severnside getting the win Julie Perry 21-4 and Eileen Farr 21-11, while W + B had Debbie Davies 21-8.

Meole Brace  C  8  (178)  Hanwood  B  4  (155)

A good effort by Hanwood whose best cards came at the end with Shaun Ashton 21-11 and Steve Ashton 21-12, while Meole had Helen Jones 21-10 and Dave “Itchy” Pritchard 21-9.

Pontesbury  D  8  (179)  Bayston Hill  B  4  (170)

Both side would be happy with the result, the visitors had Sylvia Morris 21-10 and Lionel Morris 21-11, while the Nags had a shared sweep with Charlie Hotchkiss and Kath Farmer 21-7.

Minsterley  3  (140)  Telepost   B  9  (189)

Another big away win for the Posties who had Alan West 21-8, Pete Shingler and Margaret Flatley 21-6, while Adam Elmore won Minsterley’s coppers 21-12.

Bagley  B  4  (144)  Pontesbury  C  8  (194)

A good away win by the Nags who had big wins from Ben Bebbington 21-4 Ray Perry and Adam Morris 21-7. Bagley’s coppers went to Wendy Wainwright 21-14.