Shropshire Division One

Elephant & Castle 12 (245) Meole Brace A 2 (170)

Leaders Elephant & Castle continued their pursuit of the title with a 12-2 home win, Adrian Jennings 21-17 and Andrew Corfield 21-18 the two successful Bracers. Dave Hanson 21-4, Carl Preece 21-8 and Paul Smith 21-9 helped boost the home side’s aggregate.

Ludlow Castle 11 (245) Battlefield 3 (164)

Second placed Ludlow Castle could not quite match the leader’s win as Kevin Perks 21-17 was best of three away winners. The hosts only dropped seven chalks and their 81 chalk margin included Nick Beard 21-4 and 21-6s from Richard Lane and Neil Crump.

Pontesbury A 12 (242) Craven Arms 2 (163)

Craven Arms battled hard for two points as Terry Lucas won 21-13 and Paul Davies 21-19. Tony France 21-5, Boo Challinor 21-8 and Chris Luther 21-9 for the Nags side.

Telepost 12 (239) George 2 (129)

Champagne Cup finalists and third placed Telepost were 110 chalk winners as Rob Morris 21-2 and Mick Pritchard 21-4 led the way. Tom Griffiths 21-11 and Dave Hughes 21-18 helped the George to two crucial points in their battle to stay out of the relegation zone.

Castlefields 10 (233) Crescent 4 (185)

A comfortable win for Castlefields as the Steves, Duckett and Walker, both won 21-6. Returning to his former green was Mark Rogers with a 21-13 winning card.

Hanwood 11 (230) Prince Hotel A 3 (162)

Hanwood dominated this match from the start going 4-0 up with Carl Bowers 21-5 and with Darren Phillips adding a 21-6 at the back the win was sealed. Tracy Ryan was in good form again winning 21-13.

OSBC 7 (216) Bricklayers A 7 (219)

A key away win for the Brick and the result that could seal Old Shrewsbury’s fate. The hosts had seven winners with Dave Morgan best with 21-7 but with the Brick’s five winners headed by Tim Norman’s 21-9 the visitors won by three chalks.

Division Two

Prince Hotel B 12 (242) Burway 2 (173)

A big win for the Prince with Peter Thomas 21-5, Kelvin Holder 21-6 and Sid Bould 21-7. Burway’s two winners were Dan Addis 21-13 and Terry Angell 21-9.

Hadnall 11 (240) Unison 3 (170)

Kerry Dance and Chris Elsby shared the home coppers with 21-8 cards as they moved out of the relegation zone. Unison remain there and in this match their best winner was Dave Renwick 21-13.

Frankwell 12 (239) Albert Road BC 2 (132)

Frankwell signed off their home league programme with this big win, James Ashton 21-2 and a pair of 21-3s from Mark Lloyd and Ollie Ewells. John Grenville 21-13 and Sam Hill 21-16 won for the Roaders.

Wem BC 10 (223) Meole Brace V 4 (193)

This mid table clash went the way of Wem with Gary Pountney 21-6 and Clair Watkin 21-9. Alan Lloyd replied with 21-11 for the Village.

Bishops Castle 8 (203) Ifton 6 (199)

A rare defeat for the leaders despite a fine 21-8 card from Charlie Blain. Andrew Evans was best for the Castle with 21-4.

Bicton A 8 (202) POWBC 6 (195)

Games shared at Bicton in this promotion clash with Rob Jones 21-4 and Becky Ashworth 21-8 for the hosts. Emily and Tony Cunningham were best for the POWBC with cards of 4 and 6 respectively.

Whittington 5 (195) Bayston Hill A 9 (195)

Whittington’s promotion hopes took a knock as they drew this home game with just four winners who fortunately for them were all single figures. Andy Cawthray was best with 21-5 and Paul Richards won 21-7 for the visitors who were clearly still in good form following their semi-final success in the Champagne Cup where they have reached their first Tanners League final.

DIV  3

Bagley 3(187)  Greenfields Social 11(237)

This excellent away win for the Social could be pivotal in taking them to the championship of this division as it puts clear water between them and their nearest rivals, Nigel Harris, June Massey and Rob Jones sharing their coppers, all 21- 9.  Best home performance from Marg. Barnes, 21 – 14.

Wem USC 10(230)  Pontesbury B 4(183)

This reversal at the hands of the United Services leaves the Nag B side a more distant second in this division, Terry Jones with their best card, 21 – 11.  For the Services Robert Pawlowski was best, 21 – 2.

Bricklayers B 10(231)  Oxon Village 4(189)

A good home win for the Brick who had Luke Suter and Martin Davison winning single-figures, 21 – 6 and 21 – 8 respectively.  Paul Davies was the best villager, 21 – 12.

Church Club 9(208) Corbet Arms 5(169)

This victory takes the Church above their rivals, Brian Canlett with their best card, 21 – 7.  Best for the Arms side Steve Edwards, 21 – 9.

Bayston Hill B 8(223) Severnside 6(210)

A welcome second success of the season for the Hillbilly Bees who had Royston Wilcock in excellent form, 21 – 2.  Best Severnsider was David Eaton, 21 – 13.

Monkmoor 11(237)  Worthen and Brockton 3(167)

A big win at home for the Monk who had Joan Uncles with their best card, 21 – 4.  Best for Worthen was Jan Holding, 21 – 10.