DIV  1

Crescent A 10(188)  OSBC B 2(157)

A big home win for the Crescent to maintain top spot in the division, Neil Harris with their best card, 21 – 8.  Matthew Whittaker was the outstanding Old Shrew, 21 – 5.

POWBC C 7(166)  Pontesbury A 5(157)

Games were shared in this close match on the Hump with the home side claiming the aggregate points.  Best for them Will Roberts, 21 – 4, and for the Nags Anthony Price, 21 – 9.

Bricklayers A 7(167)  Meole Brace A 5(163)

Another very tight match in this division with the Brick just edging the aggregate points by four chalks, Dan Williams winning well at the front, 21 – 5.  Derek Jones was the best Bracer, 21 – 9.

Pontesbury B 7(174)  Hanwood A 5(170)

A third close encounter with the home side again winning the aggregate points by four chalks.  Best for the Nags B side was John Potter, 21 – 8 and for Hanwood Rob Jones and Steve Price, both 21 – 10.

Castlefields B 9(192)  Telepost A 3(179)

A good win for the Fields who had Shaun O’Sullivan with their best card, 21 – 12.  Best Postie was Mick Pritchard, 21 – 13.

Bicton A 8(179)  Battlefield A 4(167)

A good result for Bicton after a poor start, Matt Statham with their best card, 21 – 11.  Steve Wilkes was best for the Red Lion’s A team, 21 – 11.

DIV  2

Oxon Village 11(199)  Meole Brace V 1(151)

An excellent victory for the League leaders who had Jason Stevens in good form at the back, 21 – 9.  Saving the Meole Villagers’ blushes was Phil Wilkinson, 21 – 10 at the start.

St. Julians 11(195)  Oxon 1(128)

Another very big win, this time for the Friars to move them up to second place, Roland Leigh with the best of three single-figure cards, 21 – 5.  Saving the brush for Oxon Paul Thomas, 21 – 6.

Bayston Hill A 8(184)  Bricklayers B 4((155)

A solid home performance from the Hillbillies who had Nick  Hughes in great form, 21 – 3.  Best Brick Simon Damm, 21 – 11.

Frankwell 5(169)  Greenfields Social A 7(176)

Games were shared in this close match with the away side gaining the aggregate points.  Best for them Ian Kilburn, 21 – 4.  Chris Hose was best for the Corporation side, 21 – 11.

Dorrington 9(193)  Unison 3(153)

This win for the A49ers makes up some points on their relegation rivals and gives them some survival hopes, Ron Morris with their best card, 21 – 6.  Pete Oliver was best for the Admin boys and girls, 21 – 7.

Prince Hotel B 9(201)  Albert Rd. BC 3(142)

A good result for the Hotel’s B side against their close rivals in the promotion stakes, Neil Lewis winning well for them at the start, 21 – 3.  Best for the Albert Mark Hill, 21 – 15.

Division 3

Corbet Arms 12 (210) Elephant & Castle 0 (107)

A full house for the Corbet with Eddie Roderick 21-3 and 21-5s from Peter Sherry and Eric Pitchford. Tony Sherratt was closest for the visitors with 17.

Castlefields C 7 (192) Bicton B 5 (170)

Castlefields C won this match by 22 with Paul Jarvis winning 21-8. Bicton shared the games with Kevin Sudlow 21-13.

POWBC A 8 (186) Monkmoor 4 (160)

Matty Hyde was first off for POWBC with a card of 21-8 and having shared the front took three games in the middle before Ricky Cooke recorded Monkmoor’s best card with 21-12.

Meole Brace B 9 (178) Crescent B 3 (158)

Two 21-10 cards from Crescent’s Daz Hunting and Alan Hotchkiss helped keep the margin down to 20 chalks, Neil Picken the stand out card for Meole with 21-2.

OSBC A 4 (148) Bagley A 8 (201)

Good away win for Bagley as they took full advantage of the green on the night. OSBC will be praying for some fine weather to help them and their cause for their last two home games. Best away winner was John Griffiths 21-4 and for the hosts Paul Wills 21-17.

Division 4

Pontesbury C 10 (205) Greenfields Social B 2 (143)

Adam Morris 21-7 and Derek Worrall 21-8 helped Pontesbury C to this big win whilst Pete Mackay 21-17 and Tony Sandford 21-20 won for Greenfields.

Hanwood B 10 (202) Bayston Hill B 2 (129)

The league leaders were always on top in this match and their best cards came from Roger Houston 21-7, Clive Goodwin 21-8 and Jason Houston 21-9. Kevin Edwards 21-14 and Norman Clements 21-20 for the Hillbillies Bees.

Telepost B 10 (198) Worthen & Brockton 2 (124)

A big win for Telepost as Roy Washbourne 21-12 and Duncan Bennett 21-18 picked up two points for the visitors. Peter Shingler 21-6, Gordon Draycott and Andy Tipton 21-8 and Rob Morris 21-9 for the promotion chasers.

Meole Brace C 8 (188) Pontesbury D 4 (180)

Just eight chalks in it as Sandra Evans’ 21-9 kept the visitors in with a chance of an away win but Meole dug deep with two 21-20 winners and a 21-11 from Melvyn Ashley.

Bagley B 5 (156) Severnside 7 (184)

Roger Burton 21-3 at No.1 on the result sheet and Robert Phillips 21-4 at No. 12 helped Severnside to this away win at Bagley where the home sweepster was Laurence Earl with 21-11.