The Tanners Shropshire League’s Junior side won the 2016 County Consolation Inter League  competition played in the Whitchurch area and thanks to Rhys Marshall for the following report.

On the 16th April the Tanners Inter League Squad was Peter Shingler, Callum Parsons, Lorna Parsons, Rhys Marshall, Charlie Hotchkiss, Ben Middleton and Emmet McKinley. In the first game we played Whitchurch A and lost by 15 chalks and had two winners, Charlie Hotchkiss won 21-16 and Peter Shingler 21-9.  In the second we played Whitchurch B and had three winners and drew the aggregate. The winners were Rhys Marshall 21-8, Peter Shingler 21-14 and Ben Middleton 21-15.

We qualified for the Consolation Final where we played Mid Shropshire/Whitchurch C who we beat by 20 chalks having five winners which were: Charlie Hotchkiss 21-17, Rhys Marshall 21-17, Lorna Parsons 21-16, Callum Parsons 21-14 and Peter Shingler 21-15.