The Champion of Champions in memory of Terry Croft will be held at the Prince Hotel on Sunday 8th October 2017 with an 11 a.m. start.


The draw will follow later in the week and the players are:

Players are:
Anthony Rogers (Shropshire Division 3 aggregate winner)
Amy Ryder (Shrewsbury Division 2 aggregate winner)
Simon Lane (League Handicap winner)
Kieran Jones (Harold Kaye/ Frank and Mabel Doubles winner)
Lee Wilding (Tanner Cup man of the match)
Anthony Price (Scadding Cup man of the match)
George Cooper (Champagne Cup man of the match)
Kelly Price (Dick Meyrick aggregate winner)
Ken Barrow (Fullwood Cup man of the match)
Stuart Dodd ( Shrewsbury Division 3 aggregate winner)
Matt Parry (Youth Doubles winner)
Rich Leah ( T & J Sambrook Doubles winner)
Paul Smith (T & J Sambrook Doubles winner)
Rich Lane (Shropshire Division 1 aggregate winner)
Mark Evans (Shropshire Division 2 aggregate winner)
Emma Massey Jones (Frank and Mabel Doubles winner)