Disappointingly the Chronicle has not published the Shropshire Division reports from last week and edited the Shrewsbury Division reports, presumably due to not having enough space for bowls reports. If you enjoy reading the reports and are disappointed with the inconsistent coverage please make your views known to the Chronicle’s Editor. The Cornermen commit several hours to putting the reports together and frankly are increasingly disillusioned at the way this long standing feature appears low on the list of priorities for the Sport section.

Below are the reports which were produced for this week’s paper:

Shropshire Division One

Castlefields  11  (237)  Whittington  3  (185)  Julian Turner was the best visitor with a peach of a win 21-14 while the Fields were comfortable with Graham Wall top man 21-4.

Prince Hotel  10  (219)  Elephant & Castle  The Hotel led 4-0 with Nigel Ferrington 21-4 and Paul Marshall 21-9 but the Ele then played superbly taking three  in the middle with Dawn Gray in super form 21-4. The Hotel then took three at the end to wrap up this match.

Ludlow  12  (235)  Telepost  2  (163)  Dan Williams 21-10 and Shaun Bould 21-15 got the Posties points, while the Castle had 21-7 wins for Mal Griffiths, Lee Wilding and Carl Bowen.

Abbey A  9  (225)  Battlefield  5  (208)  A good points win for the Lions with Alan Pritchard 21-12, the best of the Abbey’s seven winners was Perry Evans 21-8.

POWBC  11  (228)  Pontesbury  3  (207)  A big win for the Humpers who pinched the tight games but again had Emily Cunningham 21-9, while the Nags best was Chris Luther 21-11.

Meole Brace  A  11  (228)  George  3  (175)  A big win for the Bracers who had a pair of 21-5 wins from Ade Jennings and John Coxill, while the visitors had Mark Kirkham with 21-3.

Shropshire Division Two

Bishops Castle  9  (216)  Oxon Village  5  (174)  Very good points for the visitors with Brian Selly in fine form 21-8, while the best of the four single figure home winners was Mark Evans 21-1

Bayston Hill  2  (166)  OSBC  12  (244)  A fantastic result for the Shrews who had John Harris, Tony Poole and Ian Foster all 21-8, while Nick Hughes 21-14 was best homester.

Bicton  A  10  (221)  Unison  4  (196)  A solid home win with Nicky Ashworth 21-8, while the best visitor was Phil Tyler 21-4.

Pontesbury  B  9  (207)  Crescent  5  (178)  Five hard earned points for Crescent with Dan Williams 21-9 and Mark Harris  21-10, while the top Nag was Neil Edwards 21-3.

Craven Arms  9  (221)  Prince B  5  (189)  Five good points for the visitors with Tom Stanhope 21-5, while  the top Arms player was Laurie Jones 21-9.

Greenfields  6  (188)   Frankwell  8  (205)  A big result for the Borough with Andrew Runham 21-6 and Jack Haycocks 21-7, while Chris Jones was the best Fielder 21-7.

Meole Village  12  (246)  Wem BC  2  (149)  A big win for the Village with Mike Jones and Phil Wilkinson both 21-3 the best of five single figure cards, Pat Davies 21-7 was Wem’s best.

Shropshire Division Three

Church Club 10 (232) Burway 4 (205) George Cooper was best of four long distance travellers as he won 21-12. Church Club are joint leaders after this result and their coppers went to Pete Adams who won 21-3.

Oxon 12 (230) Bicton B 2 (147) Comfortable home win for the Grapes side with five single figure winners including Paul Thomas 21-4 and Clive Harrington 21-6. Picking up two points for Bicton were Diane Washbrook 21-7 and Pat Oliver 21-13.

Albert Road BC 4 (209) Hadnall 10 (211) Hadnall lead the division on aggregate with this win by a narrow two chalks, Gerry Fitzpatrick’s 21-8 helping them on their way. The best card of the evening, however, came from the home side’s Bryan Bates with 21-4.

Severnside St Julians 6 (201) Bagley 8 (204) Mark Lanning 21-8 and Ernie Shea 21-9 were good winners for the hosts but it was Bagley who took the match points by three chalks, Dave Patterson 21-5 best of their six winners.

Pontesbury A 8(186)  Telepost A 4(171)
The Nag‘s A side move into top spot after this home win which could have been more decisive but for a spirited fightback at the end from the Posties and in particular Dave Mansell who won 21 – 8.  Best for the Nag’s was Anthony Price at the start, 21 – 9.
Prince Hotel A 8(192)  Castlefields B 4(158)
The Hotel started well but were pegged back in the middle in this closely fought match.  Best for them was captain Andy Walker, 21 – 6 and for the Fields  Carl Wear, 21 – 14.
St. Julians 4(166)  Crescent A 8(183)
The Crescent came out on top in this local derby, Dave Oliver with their best card, 21 – 9.  Stuart Rhodes had a good win at the end for the Friars, 21 – 10.
OSBC B 6(179)  Oxon Village 6(162)
The Village side played well to win six games but missed out on the aggregate points with two single-figure losses at the start, John Harris with the best of these for the Old Shrews, 21 – 3. Best villager was Alan Edwards, 21-11.
Hanwood A 10(187)  Abbey A 2(147)
Two big single-figure wins, 21 – 2 from Jon Mansell and 21 – 3 from Darren Phillips, helped Hanwood to this emphatic home success.  Phil King’s excellent 21 – 3 was the best of the Abbey’s two winning cards.
DIV  2
Corbet Arms 8(188)  Battlefield A 4(167)
The Red Lion outfit remain top despite this away loss to an Arms side who had Paul Caswell with their best card, 21 – 10.  Best for Battlefield Steve Wilkes, 21 – 8.
Unison 7(179)  Prince Hotel B 5(168)
Games were drawn in this match with the home side claiming the aggregate points, Alan Everall with their best card, 21 – 6.  Best for the Hotel was Neil Ashley, 21 – 9.
Bicton A 8(184)  Bayston Hill A 4(161)
A solid home performance from Bicton who had Richard Carr in great home form with a 21 – 4 success.  Best Hillybilly was Jane Archer, 21 – 9.
Battlefield B 7(177)  Pontesbury B 5(154)
The home side came out on top with an aggregate victory in this battle of the Bees, best for  them Lynne Jennings, 21 – 4 and for the Nag’s Emlyn Jones and Neil Hyde, both 21 – 11.
Greenfields Social A 7(174)  Meole Brace V 5(172)
This was definitely a game of two halves with the Social side seemingly set for a big home win only for the Villagers to stage an amazing comeback.  Best homester was Mike Badnell, 21 – 7 and best Villager Bob Chatham, 21 – 9.
Abbey B 9(186)  Albert Road 3(158)
A comfortable home success for the Abbey who had Derek Hill with their best card, 21 – 9.  Dave Turner was the Albert’s best, 21 – 8.
Monkmoor A 9(182)  POWBC A 3(155)
The Monk came out best in this top of the table clash, Daniel Brookfield and Natty Lee sharing their coppers, both 21 – 10.  Best away performance was from Tom Gregory, 21 – 8.
Dorrington 7(172)  OSBC A 5(162)
Games were shared in this match with the A 49ers claiming the aggregate points thanks to three single-figure cards, Chris Breakell with the best of these, 21 – 6.  John Allen matched this score for the Old Shrews.
Bagley A 7(173)  Castlefields C 5(151)
Another match with games shared and the home side taking the aggregate points, Andy Sutherland best for them, 21 – 4.  Dave Wall had the best away card, 21 – 7.
Oxon 7(174)  Bicton B 5(159)
A third match in this division with games shared and the aggregate points going to the home side who had Roger Haydon in excellent form, 21 – 3.  Best for the Bicton Bees was Kevin Sudlow, also in fine form, 21 – 2.
Telepost B 10(191)  Hanwood B 2(145)
A big home success for the Posties B side, Tom Butler in good form, 21 – 4.  Best for Hanwood was Roger Houston, 21 – 6.
Meole Brace B 10(199)  Frankwell 2(147)
A good win for the Bracers who had Chris Davies with their best card at the start, 21 – 6.  Mark Lloyd was the Corporation’s best, 21 – 14.
DIV  4
Bayston Hill B 3(154)  POWBC B 9(189)
A big away win for the League leaders who had Glyn Harvey with their best card, 21 – 4. Best Hillbilly was Christine Taylor, 21 – 12.
Meole Brace C 8(187)  Bagley B 4(161)
Joyce Ashley won 21 – 2 and Dave Pritchard 21 – 4 at the start to set up this home success for the Seasiders.  Best for the Bagley Bees was Andrew Tipton, 21 – 11.
Crescent B 6(184)  Pontesbury C 6(177)
The Crescent took the aggregate points in this match with only four winners, Dave Rowe the best of these, 21 – 5.  Best of the Nag’s six winners was Mike Hampson, 21 – 8.
Pontesbury D 9(199)  Worthen and Brockton 3(139)
A comfortable home success for the Nag’s D side who had Kelly Price finding the green to her liking and winning 21 – 4.  Phil Rowson and Ray Washbourne were best for Worthen, both 21 – 17.
Elephant and Castle 10(195)  Monkmoor B 2(97)
With six single-figure winners this was an emphatic home victory for the Elephant, Richard Leah the best of these, 21 – 3.  Best of the Monk’s two successes was Colin Bell, 21 – 7.
Greenfields Social B 10(198)  Severnside 2(121)
Pete Mackay won 21 – 1 in this big home win for the Social B side while Chris Dormer took the Severnside coppers, 21 – 14.